24″x48″ Acoustic Panel, 2″‘  thick ready to hang with your photo on it.

Is your business too noisy?  If you want something better than the plain fabric or foam panels?   Do you have som great pics you’d like to hang?  Your photos can also be acoustic panels giving your space that feeling of warmth and luxury that only comes from acoustically managed space..  Sized up to 48″x96″.  Example price is on a 24″x48″ panel.

Photos must be at least 4MB or larger to print clearly at 24×48.  Image processing is available, price to be determined after we review image.

Basic sizes are 24×24, 24×36 and 24×48 with custom sizes up to 48×96.

2″ thick standard acoustic panels work well in most cases.  Acoustic panels can reduce noise levels and improve the sound of your in house music system.

Panel prices  do not include custom photography or installation.


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